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Commercials Production

A powerful and comprehensive production team delivering high-quality output through a coordinated process.

With the producer at its core, every stage of our production flow — from planning through editing — is carried out with consistency within our group of companies. Our understanding of all aspects of commercials production maximizes our creative impact. That is how we continuously deliver productions of the highest level. Our philosophy works, as evidenced by the numerous awards we have received both at home and abroad. Facing new challenges in utilizing the latest digital technologies and collaborating across industries, our mission is to become an even more powerful and comprehensive production team. The value we aim to bring to the economy and society, as well as people's daily lives, positions us as an essential and reliable partner to all our clients.


A group of professionals supporting sales promotion in both the traditional and digital spaces.

We provide solutions to our clients' promotional challenges every step of the way from planning to producing to implementation. When working with us, a TFC producer will be your main contact, coordinating with our specialized staff members to develop communications brimming with creativity and entertainment. When it comes to event promotion, TFC leaves no stone unturned. We utilize visual, digital, graphic, merchandise and various other approaches to promotion. We have developed services new to the promotional ecosystem and unique to digital platforms such as the development, production and delivery of online videos; personalized user-interactive videos with auto-generate features; dramatic series utilizing social media, and experience-based content using MR/AR. In the realm of digital marketing, we constantly push ourselves to exceed the cutting edge.

TFC Group

Content Production

Film and Television Production

Making a wide range of creativity-filled content that resonates and communicates.

Development & Production of TV Programming and Video Content

Focusing on television programs for broadcast on BS/CS and terrestrial networks, we also produce unrivaled web, corporate and event video content. TFC offers the entire spectrum of production and content creation under one roof.

Production of Theatrical Feature Films and Drama Series

We develop and produce feature films for theatrical release. "GARO", a VFX drama series for television, is also one of our productions.


Feature Films, Television Series, Animations and Games
With origins in dubbing and subtitling, today the premiere destination for multimedia localization in Japan.

The roots of our company lie in localization and versioning. For over 60 years, TFC has stood proudly at the forefront of subtitling and dubbing. Across wide genres from dramas to animations, our work spans theatrical movies and DVDs to broadcast television and streaming. Holding the top market share in the industry, an entire division of highly skilled translators and creative talent is devoted to overseeing the localization process. Aligned with the technology of Omnibus Japan, we swiftly deliver work of the highest quality.

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Broadcasting, Streaming & Community

Broadcasting and Streaming

Maximizing appeal through programming of Broadcasting as well as streaming services.
Supporting 24-hour broadcasting with reliable technology.

In 1986, we launched our first premium service, Star Channel. We currently offer StarChannel, Super! Drama TV, Family Gekijyo, The Cinema, the Igo & ShogiChannel and so on. TFC operates 5 channel brands, totaling 8 differentchannels. We cater to a multitude of specific viewer communities, delivering diverse lineupsof content.
Starting in December 2018, Star Channel began 4K broadcast. In thisdigital era, we answer the needs of viewers with our own streaming services, alongside ourpursuit of top broadcasting quality, such as Family Gekijyo CLUB, Shogi Premium and soon.
In addition, TFC is engaged in the acquisition and sales of entertainment content from Japan and overseas, including theatrical feature films, dramas and documentaries.

TFC Group Channels/Streaming services


With a focus on community-building, developing content and services aligned with specific themes and interests.

We plan and operate a wide range of services to be enjoyed by our community of fans and enthusiasts, from video streaming to events, from web media to product sales.


Presenting a wealth of content from Japan and abroad through a multifaceted approach.

Character Licensing

We license international characters such as "Thunderbirds" and "Shaun the Sheep", Japanese anime series including "Space Battleship Yamato" and "Otoppe", our own "GARO" series, and the rights to the likeness of film icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Toshiro Mifune. Our wide range of licensing activities does not stop with merchandising. We leverage the rights to these properties for the greatest impact through advertising and promotional use.

Development & Production of Feature Films and Anime

We develop and produce theatrical feature films and anime. We also participate in coproductions and film investment.

Digital Production

Inspired by the significance of visual media in people's lives, a creative group infusing new value through technology and skills.

Omnibus Japan

Omnibus Japan was established in 1987 as a post-production company. Since then, powered by our strength in technology and our passion for visual media, we have been recognized as a leader in Japan. Our highly experienced staff is responsible for over 4,500 projects annually, focusing on television variety shows and commercials for leading corporations, as well as movies, music videos and events.

We have won multiple domestic and international awards, being crowned "Asia's No.1" for our work in VFX. Never ones to rest on our laurels, we are aggressively pursuing research and development into areas such as dome projection and media art as well as VR and AR.

TFC Plus

Centered on production of television commercials and web videos, this team of professionals works on motion pictures, television dramas and VR content as well. Staffed by experienced camera operators and digital imaging technicians, TFC Plus also owns a rental house stocked with the latest in production equipment.

TFC Group

Product Sales

Retail shops and business development activities focusing on the demand for authenticity.

National Bussan

Our diversified business activities range from the sales of media storage and recording devices to the import of luxury fabrics for interiors and operation of gourmet supermarkets in Azabu and Denenchofu. We respond to the needs of customers who value quality, and deliver the satisfaction that accompanies authenticity.

Kimura Brewery

Since its founding in 1615, Kimura Brewery has been focused on making sake for 400 years in Yuzawa, Akita, home to some of the purest water in Japan. Kimura Brewery was started by an immediate family member of Shigenari Kimura, a retainer for the feudal lord Hideyori Toyotomi. The tradition of brewing sake during the coldest period of winter has been passed along through the generations and is honored at our brewery to this day. The unique characteristics of Akita sake create our signature mellow umami, carefully brewed century after century.


Nurturing the next generation to play key roles in visual culture.
A film school directly connected to the production site.

Visual Techno Academia

Established to mark TFC's 35th anniversary in 1995, we embarked on building a school which would contribute to the development of the visual media industry by nurturing the next generation of voice actors and screen translators. Utilizing the TFC Group's extensive network and body of expertise, we designed a curriculum that is directly linked to the production place. Our instructors are experts who are active in their respective fields, and our educational process revolves around practical hands-on experiences.

Management of Voice Actors and Translators

Beyond dubbing, the "voice" for all kinds of content.

Office PAC

We manage some 90 unique voice actors, rich in individuality and working in all media and content, including the dubbing of foreign feature films and television dramas, animations and games, commercials narration, radio and live events. We are also renowned for our strengths in providing precise casting.

With eight experienced visual media translators on staff, we offer top-quality translations for dubbing, subtitling and voiceovers.

Overseas Operations

The international base for global business.

Cente Service Corporation

As the internationalization of the entertainment business accelerates, our Los Angeles base plays an integral role in strengthening our overseas partnerships. Tracking the latest entertainment technology is a cornerstone of our business development.

Cente also participates in the production of international commercials and television programming, from planning to delivery.

Trusted Partner Network

We have been engaged in security assessment process conducted by TPN (Trusted Partner Network) and are making every effort to enforce protection of any content entrusted to us by strengthening physical and technical security measures within our facilities.


We have received a certification of Netflix Post Partner Program (NP3) from Netflix as one of Netflix's partners for Japanese dubbing.



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