Advertising Production




Commercial Production

Television commercials often exhibit more production value in 30 seconds than a 100-minute feature film. Commercial creators have long been the visionaries responsible for bringing stylistic innovations to media. Today's new digital technology has given producers the tools to reach even greater heights. In 2002, TFC proudly established an organizational style, blending talented filmmakers and futuristic digital technology to produce startling visual imagery. Our work has been honored with the most prestigious awards in the commercial industry including the Cannes Lions Grand Prix, the Clio Awards, and many other international and domestic awards. TFC Group has been honored with a total of 1,550 international and domestic awards. TFC also produces promotional videos, music videos and other genres of film. We continue to strive to stay abreast of the newest technological tools.

Nibankohboh Productions Corporation

Nibankohboh Productions has successfully brought together filmmakers with unique, off-beat sensibilities to television commercial production, resulting in commercials that are fresh, often funny and always hip. In a remote-controlled, hundred-channel TV universe, commercials have to be as entertaining as the programming. Nibankohboh Productions has pioneered "advert-tainment" in Japan, producing commercials that not only deliver the message, but keep viewers coming back for more. A treasure chest filled with national and international awards testifies to its reputation. Currently, we're building on our success in the commercial realm by creating a blossoming promotional video business.

Soda! Communications lnc.

On July 1st, 2013, Lift Inc. was re-born as the Tohokushinsha Group's first boutique production entity that works closely with clients and rebranded as Soda! Communications Inc.. Just as its name implies, Soda! aims to create a "pure" and "clear" nexus that can respond to the needs of its clients with stimulation and a sense of refreshment. Its distinct and positive members whose average age is the youngest among the Tohokushinsha Group are providing high quality production services on a daily basis, always based on their innovative ideas.