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Omnibus Japan lnc.

Computer technology continues to alter the face of film, figuratively and literally. It is challenging and expensive to simply keep pace. But Omnibus Japan, TFC's digital technology division, is committed not only to keep up, but to lead the industry with the most sophisticated, powerful technology, the most skilled and creative personnel in the visual effects business. Our operating engineers and experienced staff support the client every step along the way to create an award-winning work. In our commitment to digital leadership, we develop our own proprietary software in collaboration with our creative and technical staff. Omnibus Japan offers a total of 96 studios, including editing bays, telecine, audio mixing, and recording studios, and provides services of high definition & standard definition shooting, linear and non-linear editing, mastering and DVD duplication.

TFC Plus Corporation

TFC Plus offers a team of creative force including producers, directors and other production personnel to serve in various entertainment fields such as commercial, film, video and TV programs.

Digital Egg lnc.

This cutting-edge boutique post-production facility uses highly advanced editing technology, including “inferno” and “iQce”, to create original digital graphic designs. The entertainment industry depends on digital imagery more than ever, and Digital Egg (along with Omnibus Japan) gives its clients a powerful advantage in a competitive marketplace.